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Extremadura - Expo Sevilla 1992

Extremadura at the Exhibition Expo Sevilla 1992
© Alvaro Pinel
Architect(s) : Tomàs Vicente Curbelo et Juan José Garcia Viondi

Five hundred years ago, Extremadura played a key role in the encounter with America.
Today, our Latin American vocation is added to the desire to participate in the European Union process.

The pavilion was intended to be the gateway to a visit that could easily be extended if one wished to go to the lands and cities of Extremadura, which opened up a few kilometres from Seville.

The encounter with Extremadura implies the contemplation of a thousand-year-old culture, from which two great ideas emerge: the splendour of Rome, recreated every year in the monuments that host the Classical Theatre Festival, and the encounter with America, of which Guadalupe is the universal focal point of shared spirituality.

In addition, there is Cáceres, a World Heritage Site, Badajoz, Plasencia and Trujillo, beautiful monumental cities in a well-preserved setting.

Monumental, landscape and ecological Extremadura. Extremadura of contrasts, green and brown, of plains and mountains. A land with quality of life and investment opportunities.

Extremadura, the road to 92, was a whole world for the visitor.

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