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France - Expo Sevilla 1992

France at the Exhibition Expo Sevilla 1992
© Daniel Villafruela
Architect(s) : Jean-Paul Viguier, Jean-François Jodry et François Seigneur

Travelling through memory, exploring technological conquests, meeting the third millennium, the French pavilion offered an eloquent demonstration of its contribution to universal culture, with the central theme of Discovery through Knowledge.

The architecture of the pavilion itself was already a tribute to culture and technology.

Sheltered by a 2,500 square meter "blue sky" roof, the visitor was welcomed on a forecourt made of glass slabs where the logos of the French companies, local authorities, major institutions and organizations participating in the exhibition were silk-screened.

On one side of the forecourt, a mirror building housed, on two floors, the historical exhibition: an imaginary library and models of Paris neighbourhoods, staging the history of the transmission of messages through the centuries.

Under the forecourt, the promenoir was a space where the most recent technological innovations of French industry were exhibited in partnership with companies and local authorities.

In the centre of the promenoir, the Image well, thanks to a giant screen of 500 m2 placed at a depth of 20m, lined with mirror walls reflecting the image to infinity, offered a vertiginous spectacle of the universe: three films projected in Imax system, which the spectator could see from the promenoir or by taking two conveyor belts which crossed and overhung this well.

Finally, a 170-seat auditorium where symposiums and conferences were organised, two reception rooms for public relations, a 90-seat "Grande Carte" restaurant, and a boutique for contemporary designers completed this journey through French culture, without forgetting the French "arts and entertainment" programme on the Exhibition site and the events of 6 May, France Day at Expo'92, and 14 July, French Fashion Day.

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