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Ireland - Expo Sevilla 1992

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Architect(s) : James O'Connor

The exhibition recounted the story of Saint Brandan the Navigator, who sailed to North America in a leather boat almost a thousand years before Columbus.

The monks who followed Brandan, spreading science across Europe, were the precursors of successive waves of people from this small island who established large communities around the world.

More famous for its literature than its technology, Ireland's value is due to a noble scientific tradition, exemplified in the field of astronomy; in the 19th century, Ireland developed the world's largest telescopes.

Today Ireland is an urban society, with one of the youngest and best educated populations in the world. This urban characteristic is reflected in the artistic creativity of young people, and especially in the music of the band U2.

The most memorable aspects of Ireland are the character and humour of its people, and the beauty of its beautiful, unspoilt landscape.

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