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Luxembourg - Expo Sevilla 1992

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Architect(s) : M. Bohdan Paczowski et Paul Fritsch

The country.

Luxembourg is a parliamentary democracy anchored in a constitutional monarchy. A sovereign and independent state, the country is a member of the UN and the European Community. The capital is one of the three European seats, alongside Brussels and Strasbourg.

The country's economy is based on an important steel industry, financial services, audiovisual activities and a range of small and medium-sized enterprises.

A strong sense of identity and a common language unite the Luxembourgers into a small nation open to the world.

The pavilion.

Entering the pavilion, a cube made of steel and Luxembourg glass, the visitor was immersed in an impressive showcase. Taking the panoramic lift, he reached the cafeteria on the upper floor.

There, tasting Luxembourgish specialities, he had before his eyes a large armillary sphere, rotating in a space without apparent suspension, placing Luxembourg on the world map.

He then descended a wide circular ramp, on which were displayed audiovisual sketches presenting the most striking aspects of a small nation which, through its history and the composition of its population, prefigures the European melting pot of tomorrow. Multilingual video terminals provided information on the country's economy and culture.

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