Madrid - Expo Sevilla 1992

Madrid at the Exhibition Expo Sevilla 1992
© Expo'92
Architect(s) : José Luis Ramòn Solans, Ricardo del Amo et Pilar Briales

For this world event, Expo'92, the community of Madrid wanted to show a different and differentiated presence through the pavilion that represented it. The community of Madrid is marked by its central location in the Peninsula and by the choice of Madrid as its capital. The singular or habitual lifestyles of its inhabitants have become a point of reference for what happens in all of Spain.

The community of Madrid is and will always be what its inhabitants are: researchers, students, craftsmen, employees, shopkeepers, workers, academics, etc. The Madrilenian is the person who lives or works in the community of Madrid, even if only for a short time, always in a significant way. By this we mean that the community of Madrid is made up of Madrileños, but that all those who come close to it can also be Madrileños. It is an open and welcoming place, where the only things that count are work, intelligence and the ability to integrate, and not the family tree, nor social or even cultural origin. This is the idea that the pavilion was intended to spread through its easy and multiple access. We wanted the contents of the pavilion to be a true reflection of what the community of Madrid is, and what it can be in the future. We wanted to emphasise that the Community of Madrid is a financial, tourist, cultural, transport, industrial and communications centre. The community of Madrid as a point of arrival, as a bridge and link between Hispanic America and Europe, between Africa and Europe. A gateway between the North and the South.

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