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Malaysia at the Exhibition Expo Sevilla 1992
© Gaël Limpalaër
Architect(s) : Kumpulan Jetson

Malaysia's strategic position in South East Asia means that it is an amalgam of traditions with roots stretching back thousands of years, the influence of which can be seen in the variety of languages, religions and cultures of the present-day Malaysian state.

However, Malaysia is not all tradition, and the image of the country's strong industrialisation could be appreciated inside and outside the pavilion, which served as a backdrop to the exhibition's captivating tour.

Visitors could enjoy the magnificence of a show that took place on a typical Kelentan Gasing Uri, or revolving stage; the MAS Gold Room; the Instructions Room featured a ten-minute slide show on Malaysian history and a video show covering the whole spectrum of Malaysia's present and future; The Cultural Time Tunnel depicted annual multicultural festivals; Forest Life, Theatre in the Forest and a High Tech area focused on the rubber, palm oil, timber and petroleum industries, and the national car, the Proton Saga was on display.

After touring the exhibition, visitors could watch a handicraft demonstration, enjoy a light takeaway from our restaurant, or do some shopping in the souvenir shop.

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