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Mauritania - Expo Sevilla 1992

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Architect(s) : Marqués, Garcés et Associés

Between the Sahara desert, the arid Sahel zone and the savannah of North Africa lies the territory of Mauritania, whose inhabitants, mostly Arabs, have traditionally practised nomadic grazing and trade. Most of this territory belongs to the westernmost sector of the Sahara Desert. Dunes occupy half of the country's territory. Mauritania has always been a land of transit, of caravans to Mecca, of nomads and explorers with light luggage, of men struggling to contain the advance of the sands.

The Mauritania pavilion presented a sample of its cultural and historical aspects. The elements of the exhibition were arranged in several sectors: handicrafts (objects intended for marketing); archaeological objects (exhibits from different chronological periods, from prehistoric to contemporary times); photography; traditional clothing and musical instruments; architecture (models of ancient cities in the Adrar)

The exhibits tended to reveal a national quality: Semitic hospitality.

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