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Mexico - Expo Sevilla 1992

Mexico at the Exhibition Expo Sevilla 1992
© Daniel Villafruela
Architect(s) : Pedro Ramirez Vàzquez et Jaime Giovannini

The X was the symbol that represented the pavilion of Mexico. An 18-metre high sculptural expression, it was the sign and signal of the crossroads of paths and the meeting of pluralities. Architecture that evoked the origins from a contemporary point of view: flowery embankments, ponds and waterfalls. On the upper terrace, large-scale models of Mesoamerican buildings.

The bright colour of the entrance square welcomed the visitor. The initial atmosphere, the landscape and the ancient cities prepared for the journey, a cruise through the deep fabric of Mexico, in a pleasant experience of multimedia communication.

The journey began thousands of years ago. The protagonists: nature and man. It was a journey through history. A network of encounters, with multiple wefts: living, living with, producing, creating and thinking. A configuration of an original character that was manifested in thought, art, science, economy, customs and traditions.

Thus, we arrived at the Mexico of today, with its ecological variety and its human landscape of great plurality. A country with an intense collective life, with large cities and modern communications, which is moving forward into modernity.

At the end of the tour, visitors could obtain additional information on tourism, investment points, commercial exchanges and cultural encounters, and acquire publications and commemorative objects in the bookshop.

The presence and voice of Mexico in the pavilion was also expressed through the programme of activities that took place both within the pavilion and on the Expo'92 stage. On the small island of Lake Spain, a colourful and mystical show was presented: the ceremony known as "Papant's Flying Men": The ceremony was known as "The Flying Men of Papantla".

Mexico's presence at Expo'92 was complemented by a large-scale initiative in the field of communications: a satellite communications relay, which made it possible to maintain a permanent dialogue on culture, the arts, science, customs, politics and daily life between these two countries: Mexico and Spain.

The Mexican pavilion presented the visitor with an overview of economic and social realities, achievements of the spirit and of thought. Mexican companies wishing to offer a sample of goods and services were present.

© Official Guide Expo'92