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Euskadi (Basque Country) - Expo Sevilla 1992

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Architect(s) : Luis Angoloti et Apolinario Fernandez de Sousa

Although they have moved in an anti-clockwise direction, the Basque people have survived thanks to their historical adaptability, constantly evolving without autarky.

A local evolution of Cro-Magnon man, the Basque people are the oldest in Europe. Their language has no known affinities, and has reached us since pre-Indo-European times.

The Basque people celebrated their Junta, a democratic institution where the Fuero, the Vieja Ley, was established, in a circle and with mutual protection.

The Basque people knew how to travel, explore and discover, admire and adapt. Juan Sebastian Elcano, who circumnavigated the known world, was a Basque. So was Juan de Carai, Pedro de Ursua, Urdaneta, Lope de Aguirre...

He always turned food into culture, work into sport. With a practical and conservative mentality, the Basque have managed to combine tradition and modernity, artisanal techniques and a high degree of technological development, ancestral rites and avant-garde art. In their struggle to preserve Euskera, the old lingua navarrorum, they have managed to create their own educational system.

The Basque knows that loving his homeland means respecting that of others, because only harmony and solidarity can ensure the future of peoples. Open to renovation, to technology, to growth, open in short to all worlds, knowing that work, tenacity and optimism are the best assets to forge an identity: by surpassing oneself. By singing. By working. By dancing.

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