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Papua, New Guinea - Expo Sevilla 1992

Papua, New Guinea at the Exhibition Expo Sevilla 1992
© Gaël Limpalaër
Architect(s) : David Richardson

Saavedra was the first Spaniard to notice the beauty of our country 450 years ago: we are now presenting it to the world. The design of the pavilion resembled our Haus Tambaran, a house of spirits, and its typical objects were displayed in four main areas, each bathed in exotic Papua New Guinean music.

Visitors entered through an entrance flanked by rock walls, then took a sky bridge and climbed gently to the Mine and Great Hall. This ascent symbolised the transition from the sea to the mountains. In the Mine, set in a cave, visitors were exposed to our mineral and energy resources. The Great Hall was placed in a jungle where there was a 12-metre high waterfall, and where one could admire our culture and potential.

The small theatre presented ten minute non-stop shows, projecting vibrant and exciting sounds and images of Papua New Guinea. Traditional 'sing sing' dances were performed on an outdoor stage. There was also an open-air restaurant and a shopping area where typical products could be purchased.

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