Poland and Bulgaria - Expo Sevilla 1992

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Architect(s) : Fernando Mendoza Castells

Poland, Catholic since 966, is more the east of the west than the west of the east. Once the largest country in Europe, it lost its grandeur; once tolerant, it ceased to be so.

It was subjugated for more than a century, free for twenty years, then taken over - in 1939 by its enemies, in 1945 by its "benefactors". With Solidarnosc, Poland put an end to the communist yoke (1989).

The Pole, who is said to be courageous but confused, heroic but fickle, is very Catholic and a little cynical, sentimental and a lover of grotesque humour, proud and self-critical in his works, whose bitter irony is not desperate. Moreover, what could be his motto: "Don't despair", has proven to be effective.

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