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Rank Xerox -

Rank Xerox at the Exhibition Expo Sevilla 1992
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Architect(s) : Manuel Carrilero de La Torre

Rank Xerox is a company based in Europe that advocates the principles inherent in the free, open and competitive market, where the individual, with his or her human values, civic-mindedness and involvement in different economic and cultural groups, is vital to the creation of a better future.

Communication is essential here. And it is in the document that science, information, experience, even the 'magic' of poetry or communication is found.

In the Rank Xerox pavilion, new pioneering technologies in the fields of creation, communication and printing were presented, with the aim of bringing the Document to life. The best electronic publishing systems, scanners, systems for creating, archiving and storing information, machines for facilitating communication, electronic laser printing systems and a wide variety of typography, colours, etc. were on display.

We will also talk about compatible and open local networks, advanced equipment, plotters and plan reproducers, office equipment, typewriters, fax machines, etc. And in the field of finance or industry, the application of lasers to professional publication systems (DOCUTEC).

The "Document Company" Rank Xerox invited you to visit its pavilion, where experts from all over the world were present. In an exceptional setting where surprise reigns.

Rank Xerox, the "Document Company", which brings together the best of the best for itself and its customers, was an event not to be missed.

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