United Kingdom - Expo Sevilla 1992

United Kingdom at the Exhibition Expo Sevilla 1992
© Jean-Michel Colin
Architect(s) : Nicholas Grimshaw et Associés

The soothing sight and sound of the world's widest wall of water was a refreshing welcome to the British pavilion, which was like an elegant cathedral of water.

Once inside, our navigators invited you to join them on a voyage of discovery - a journey of exploration of the original Britain in association with the world.

In the beginning, a huge electronic tapestry would work its way through your imagination. Britain sharing its natural treasures, its people and its new technologies through a video journey of intrigue and surprise. A suspended transport system took you to the spacious heights, allowing you to take in invigorating views of the pavilion's interior and exterior, embracing the whole of Expo'92, through the stunning mirrored water wall.

On reaching the top of the journey, each visitor came face to face with four enormous planes that pierced the building. These gigantic manifestations of earth, air, fire and water provided a dramatic introduction to a wealth of fascinating insights into the planet's discovery.

The highlight of the tour, however, was not yet reached until you entered the intimacy and magic of the communication theatre. As soon as you were seated, the visitor was immersed in a cool and comfortable atmosphere and the auditorium was soon transformed into a dazzling show full of images and music that absolutely enchanted people of all ages.

Emerging from this unforgettable experience, visitors began a gentle descent down the suspended walkway, visiting once again the elements on the lower level, to discover how the British spirit of adventure, imagination and enterprise is inextricably linked to the basic ingredients of life on earth.

Back at the huge open hall, you would experience a selection of authentic British products and relax in the spacious buffet area on the right hand side of the inner lake by the great wall of water.

Before leaving the pavilion, you could take a close look at the original British Steel ocean racing yacht.

The British pavilion guaranteed everyone a special welcome, and a host of surprising discoveries about the original Britain.

© Official Guide Expo'92