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Sri Lanka - Expo Sevilla 1992

Sri Lanka at the Exhibition Expo Sevilla 1992
© Gaël Limpalaër
Architect(s) : Nimal De Silva, Development Consultants et Lanka Private Ltd

Sri Lanka, located at the tip of India, is a true paradise on earth, full of wonders and immense pleasures. Inspired and enriched by the lessons of Buddha, it has a unique cultural heritage in all fields. In its 2500 years of history, it has been the crossroads of spiritual and material interactions of many nations. Its people of different languages and religions have a rich and multifaceted creativity, reflected in dance, song, music and drama. Nowadays it has become a very popular tourist spot.

The pavilion reflected this glory. The colossal statue of Avukana Buddha that flanked the entrance was an enthusiastic specimen of Sri Lankan art. The double roof structure of gold embellished tiles and the decorative portals were testimony to its vernacular architectural tradition. The pavilion presented a vivid panorama of Sri Lanka's scenic beauty, historical monuments, beautiful arts and crafts, colourful flags, paintings, etc.

An exclusive restaurant served indigenous food, offering a taste of this legendary paradise of unparalleled hospitality.

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