Universal Exposition of Seville 1992 - Expo'92

The era of discovery

April 20, 1992 - October 12, 1992

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Alamillo Bridge and Viaduct

Alamillo Bridge and Viaduct at the Exhibition Seville 1992

© Andrew Dunn ( http://www.andrewdunnphoto.com )

Architect(s) : Santiago Calatrava

This road axis has two major works: the viaduct that crosses the island of La Cartuja and the suspension bridge that crosses the Guadalquivir. This structure was designed as an architectural work with all the problems that such a project implies, such as the problems of balancing the masses.

The viaduct, which is made up of a single piece, is 526.5 metres long, and its deck is, in cross section, a rounded arch with two levels.
The upper level is used by cars, while the lower level is used by pedestrians.
This arch rests on elliptical pillars, inclined at 58 degrees to the horizontal and located at 21 metre intervals.
Horizontal and zenithal openings in the deck give the whole an impression of lightness. The viaduct ends at both ends with buttresses, consisting of retaining walls, on which access stairs and pedestrian platforms are built.

The suspension bridge, the other major structure of the project, has a span of 200 metres. This bridge has a 140-metre-high pylon at one end, on the shore of the Isla de la Cartuja, which is also at an angle of 58 degrees to the horizontal, and is 138 metres high.
Thirteen pairs of steel cables support the deck, which is made up of a metal structure with a hexagonal box in the middle, where the cable anchors are located. From this box, metal brackets are placed on either side, every four metres, on which concrete slabs are supported, thus forming the deck that will support the traffic. The pedestrian passage is located on the upper part of the caisson.
The pylon is designed as a mixed structure of reinforced concrete on the inside and metal cladding on the outside. The two structures are joined by a roadway with a reinforced concrete overpass.

A technological challenge that cost almost 600 million francs for the most spectacular link from one bank of the Guadalquivir to the other.