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Las Delicias Bridge - Expo Sevilla 1992

Las Delicias Bridge at the Exhibition Expo Sevilla 1992
© Grez
Architect(s) : Leonardo Fernandez et Javier Monterola

This bridge, in fact these bridges, one road and the other rail, were to be mobile to allow ships to pass over the Alfonso XIII canal.

This new bridge contrasts with the old bridge, the Alfonso XIII bridge.

This bridge had the height of the road and the height of the railway as imperatives, which means that the two decks of the two bridges are at different heights, creating a complex whole, and the large piers that house the operating mechanism are staggered.

The piers are 40, 56 and 40 metres apart.

At each end, two huge buttresses are there to balance the masses of the piers.

The bridge has a movable deck that can be lifted to allow boats to pass, and which consists of two counterbalanced consoles with a single box for the railway and four boxes for the road: each half of the deck in turn divides into two portions of two boxes, each of which can be operated independently.

The side decks have mixed cross-sectional decks similar to the movable parts of the bridge.