World Trade Center Expo92 - Expo Sevilla 1992

World Trade Center Expo92 at the Exhibition Expo Sevilla 1992
Architect(s) : Antonio Vàzquez de Castro

This symmetrical building, with a square floor area of 84 metres on each side, was characterised on the inside by a patio where numerous plants and palm trees were planted, which helped to temper the climate of the building.

The walls surrounding the patio were three storeys high, with a total height of 9 metres, and housed the offices. At the four corners of the walls were the pylons that supported the roof, which was a pyramid-shaped canopy. This roof was not joined directly to the walls, but a space of several metres separated them to let the air in and create a bearable climate inside.

To protect against the sun, the outer windows of the building were fitted with sunshades, while the interior of the patio was covered with a canvas.

The paving of the main hall and the pedestrian walkways of the landscaped courtyard were made of local marble, while the pedestrian access was made of natural stone.

Two basements were used for parking, maintenance and storage.