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Palm Avenue - Expo Sevilla 1992

Palm Avenue at the Exhibition Expo Sevilla 1992
© Jean-Michel Colin
Architect(s) : Manuel Avarez, Antonio Cano et Pedro Silva

The Palm Avenue was lined on both sides by the international pavilions.
This avenue was embellished with gardens, fountains, vegetation and canvas parasols.

In addition, to make the temperature bearable, the Biophere, a technological jewel capable of lowering the ambient temperature by 7 degrees, was installed. Designed to tame the easterly winds that sweep through the valley, this 22-metre diameter ball suspended 6 metres above the ground was entirely covered by a network of 1,387 computer-controlled micronisers. When the wind struck, they emitted small icy clouds that transformed the burning air into a current of coolness that swept across the heat-stricken avenues.

Shade and humidity, created by the vegetation and the hanging canvases, were the basic elements for the bioclimatic design of this avenue. These were also the elements that linked the different areas together.