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Administration building - Expo Lisbon 1998

Administration building at the Exhibition Expo Lisbon 1998
Architect(s) : Joao de Almeida, Pedro Ferreira Pinto et Pedro Emauz Silva

This building is solely composed of offices and is organised in two parts (East and West) which are separated from each other to create a central interior atrium.

The tops of the eastern part, which are wedge-shaped on the river side, face north-east and south-east respectively. Both sections are protected from the sun by perforated sheets, but for the north-east section the sheets are perforated in vertical shades, while on the south-east side the sheets are perforated in horizontal shades.

The western section is protected from the sun's penetrating rays by perforated sheets with curved vertical shades, which overlap for total protection.

The south side of the large interior space and the west section are also protected by horizontal sunshades.
For the "roof", the building consists of a sloping glass canopy, placed on a metal structure, which heats the air in the central atrium, creating a greenhouse effect during the winter or accelerating the chimney effect during the summer. Coupled with the sunshade, this energy-saving model allows the indoor ambient temperature to be raised or lowered as required.

Joao de Almeida, Pedro Ferreira Pinto and Pedro Emauz Silva therefore sought to design a building in which climate issues were addressed and not ignored, as is usually the case. The architects have not neglected the aesthetic aspect, whether it be with the symmetrical composition of the building or the whiteness of the perforated sheet metal sunshades, which are reminiscent of the sails of a ship.