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Buildings of the Boat Show -

Buildings of the Boat Show at the Exhibition Expo Lisbon 1998
Architect(s) : Ignasi Raventos, Juan Ramon de Clascà, Javier Ruiz, Mateu Tersol.

The docks have existed for many years and have seen many ships.

The decision was made not only to maintain this old harbour structure, but also to make it a central element in the marina, which forms the southern border of the redevelopment area where EXPO '98 is located.

In the middle of the marina there is a building that houses various shops (small shopping centre) and runs along the outside of the quay. It is the largest of all the buildings associated with the old port, and together with the old cracking tower at the Sea Gate, it is a reminder of the origins and past of this place.

The link between the architecture of these buildings and the Port Authority building at the river entrance to the marina is that they all have the same strong steel structures, sandwich panel walls and aluminium frames. This allows them to be erected quickly and easily on the quay, without the quay having to support too heavy a load.

The building, the largest of all, stands out from the others by its 2 suspended volumes (reminiscent of the sails of a ship) with inclined beams and surrounded by large terraces.