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Exhibition pavilion - Expo Lisbon 1998

Exhibition pavilion at the Exhibition Expo Lisbon 1998
Architect(s) : Risco/Manuel Salgado, Paulo Albuquerque.

Located between the Portuguese pavilion and the Knowledge of the Seas pavilion, and between the Boulevard de l'Ocean and the Quai Olivais, the exhibition pavilion is in the shape of a long L, the length of which runs parallel to the boulevard.

The interior of the L opens onto a large esplanade overlooking the docks, the reception station and the neighbouring pavilions, and is surrounded by a shopping centre, with the shops inside overlooking the boulevard.

During EXPO '98 an exhibition area is located above the shops, which will later be replaced by offices, thus making this building a commercial space.
The ground floor of the building is occupied by shops, two self-service restaurants and visitor services. To avoid the dehumanised structure of the shopping centre, all the facilities have direct access from the boulevard side and the square side, so that the building itself becomes a passageway, and the architects have taken advantage of the length of the building by positioning horizontal strips along it, alternately opaque or glazed, which gives the building a certain fluidity.