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Press centre - Expo Lisbon 1998

Press centre at the Exhibition Expo Lisbon 1998
Architect(s) : Carlos Prata et Jose Carlos Portugal avec Joana Rosas

These buildings are situated on a square plot of land, crossed diagonally by a path surrounded by trees. One façade faces the main avenue and the other the water garden, with a roundabout at the corner.

Based on these features, the architects designed two building zones separated by the diagonal path. The two larger ones, consisting of two volumes, house the actual press centre, while the smaller one is actually a restaurant, whose dining room follows the diagonal path. The other building (on the press centre side) has a clear focus on the conference room, separated from the volume that houses the offices, a press room and other rooms related to the activity of journalists. This is a unique way of occupying the triangular space between the diagonal road and the two parts of the building.

The architects have used the dominant urban rectangular shape to the maximum to give the place an aesthetic beauty of its own, with the exception of the restaurant.