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Tagus entrance - Expo Lisbon 1998

Tagus entrance at the Exhibition Expo Lisbon 1998
Architect(s) : Livia Tirone

Arriving at the exhibition site through the Tagus Gate was probably the most appropriate way to enter an exhibition dedicated to the oceans.
The Tagus Gate was one of the simplest gates architecturally speaking, but was probably the most spectacular in that visitors arrived by boat on the river and had an unobstructed view of the exhibition.

These boats docked on the floating dock, which is in fact a simple platform connected to the mainland by 2 bridges.

To enter the exhibition, the visitor had to pass between two 8-metre-high aerated iron cubes that held a triangular tarpaulin as a roof.

The cubes at the entrance door were used to highlight the rows of trees along the riverbank.