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Future - Expo Lisbon 1998

Future at the Exhibition Expo Lisbon 1998
© Expo'98
Architect(s) : Paula Santos, Rui Ramos et Miguel Guedes

The building has a parallelepiped shape and consists of three volumes. Each volume has a distinct function: the cylindrical entrance, the forum (in the form of an autitorium) and finally the observation area (the exhibition hall) in rectangular form. Each volume, in order to be particularly distinguishable from the outside, has its own construction material, so that the cylinder of the entrance is made of wood, the auditorium of white concrete and the exhibition hall of a metal structure.

The whole building is surrounded by a false façade, made of corrugated polycarbonate strips that give the illusion of waves.

The theme of the pavilion is to convey a message of hope for future generations, and presents a journey through time showing the formation of the Earth, the oceans, the three elements, and living beings.

The main entrance to the pavilion opens onto a courtyard between the false front entrance and the cylinder, from where ramps lead to the cylinder. Visitors begin their visit in the Atlas room with a presentation of the evolution of the earth in a 3D multimedia show, then are led directly to the auditorium following galleries offering them exhibitions on evolution.

Finally, an escalator takes visitors from the entrance to the exhibition hall where the most advanced oceanic research is presented. Visitors follow a 200-metre long spiral ramp for a walk in the "big blue" and exit through the shop.

This pavilion is the only one of the 5 thematic pavilions that will be destroyed at the end of the exhibition.