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Virtual Reality - Expo Lisbon 1998

Virtual Reality at the Exhibition Expo Lisbon 1998
Architect(s) : Manuel Vicente

This pavilion, with its modern and futuristic design, makes the visitor curious and curious from the outset. It is distinguished from the other pavilions by its chiselled structure and above all by the five golden balls on top of its roof.

The virtual reality pavilion consists of two parts: the first part is the entrance and exhibition area of the telecommunications pavilion, and the second part is the actual virtual reality area.

The first section consists of a broken-looking tin roof, supported by a series of pillars fixed at 6 metre intervals, and containing tubes taking visitors to the exhibition area.

From there, a ramp gives access to the "Virtual Reality Park" through concentric ramps, which contrasts with the first section. For this second section, the architect uses access ramps surrounded by decorations, serving as curtains of scenes, to glimpse or hide the interior of the pavilion, arousing the curiosity of the visitor, but keeping the surprise until the last moment. This pathway serves to gradually immerse the visitor in the "virtual" world and thus make him more receptive to all his senses.

The visitor is invited to take a great underwater journey to discover the ruins and secrets of an ancient civilisation called Oceania. A forty-minute virtual dive to this lost city, inhabited by strange creatures of an unknown civilisation. But this journey through space and time will not go exactly as planned. This attraction uses the latest technologies in multimedia, animation and sensory technology