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Water / UNICER -

Water / UNICER at the Exhibition Expo Lisbon 1998
© Unicer ( )
Architect(s) : Alexandre Burmester et José Carlos Gonçalves

The pavilion of this brewer sponsoring Expo'98 was different from the other pavilions, and not because of its parallelepiped architecture.

The pavilion is semi-buried, i.e. one part is buried while the other is suspended and rests on nothing, giving the visitor the impression that this part will break under the weight of the building or that this unstable architectural position will soon topple over.

But this is not the case, this cubic building rests on a rigid metal structure anchored in the ground (buried side) and which supports the whole building.

Visitors lined up outside amidst jets of water before passing under the unburied structure to arrive after climbing a staircase in a room with lots of water-based games.