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International Area South - Expo Lisbon 1998

International Area South at the Exhibition Expo Lisbon 1998
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Architect(s) : RISCO/M. Salgado, Marino Fei, Pierluigi Cerri, Alessandro Colombo.

The international exhibitors' building, located at the southern end of the EXPO '98 site, with the main entrance on the Boulevard des Océans, is composed of different pavilions spaced out with aisles and squares protected from the sun by a large roof.

Each pavilion was built with a modular steel structure consisting of a basic cube-shaped module covered with metal panels and a roof. The architects have thus considerably reduced the cost of the buildings.

There are four outdoor walkways. Two parallel to the river, the other two transverse, these alleys cross over four shaded squares. In addition, there is a perimeter walkway with kiosks and a shopping gallery. This peripheral alley also acts as an attraction for visitors going from the entrance to the Sea to the Tagus or to the centre of the exhibition.

The opacity of the pavilions gives them a solid appearance, although this notion is mitigated by the roof that ends in a corner and gives it an air of extreme lightness.

In any case, this area, like the other areas of the entire exhibition site, respects the desire for unity desired by the architect Manuel Salgado.