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International Organisations and International Participants' Area -

International Organisations and International Participants' Area at the Exhibition Expo Lisbon 1998
Architect(s) : RISCO/M. Salgado, Marino Fei, Pierluigi Cerri, Alessandro Colombo.

The International Organisations Zone and the National Participants Zone are located just outside the entrance to the Sun on the Boulevard of the Oceans, both buildings consist of identical basic modules and are built using the same systems and materials.

Inside, and again in a similar way to the International South area, the surface is divided into 8m x 8m modules, so each country or organisation has the freedom to choose one or more modules in which to present their exhibition, as the architects themselves point out: "the configuration presented seeks to achieve three main objectives of the project: a common architecture, efficient functionality and economical construction.

As far as functionality is concerned, a covered square, protected from the sun by a structure, serves as a meeting point or resting place.

As for the economy, it was made
- In terms of structure, by opting for low-cost structures and materials, with a great formal simplification of the building;
- Tactically, by seeking to use as much common space as possible.