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Germany - Expo Hanover 2000

Germany at the Exhibition Expo Hanover 2000
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Architect(s) : Josef Wund

The German pavilion, with its architecture and construction of glass, steel and wood, gave an impression of lightness and transparency. The wooden roof was supported by steel pillars, and the huge glass facades tilted outwards as if to show Germany's openness to the world.

The pavilion presented Germany in three parts:
- The first part introduced the visitor to 47 portraits of German personalities.
- The second part, "Bridges to the Future", allowed visitors to view scenes from today's Germany, such as a Berlin party or glimpses of the future, on nine giant screens located on bridges of different heights.
- Finally, the "Tree of Knowledge" was an exhibition based on the 16 German provinces, where you could see, among other things, a Viking longship or the Gutenberg press.