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Korea - Expo Hanover 2000

Korea at the Exhibition Expo Hanover 2000
© Philippe Lemaire
Architect(s) : Kyong-Soo Park

The pavilion, which stands on columns, is almost 5 metres high above a wonderful parkland setting that allows it to "breathe".

The outer walls have been designed to minimise the amount of artificial light and ventilation as much as possible, allowing light and air to circulate freely.

The building represents a boat symbolizing the taking of civilization into the new millennium. The outer walls represented the beauty of pojagi, which is actually a traditional Korean patchwork that is made with pieces of reclaimed clothing.

Inside the pavilion 60 "trees of life" were "planted" with a 40-metre long river winding through them.

To illustrate Korea's theme of "Water - the origin of life", 20 LCD screens showed visitors how Koreans can respect and enjoy the Han River.
respect and enjoy the Han River.

In addition, a multi-dimensional cinema presented the priorities of the 21st century in environmental restoration.

Finally, the pavilion offered visitors the opportunity to learn about the country's history, culture, nature and industry as well as to taste traditional Korean cuisine.