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Denmark - Expo Hanover 2000

Denmark at the Exhibition Expo Hanover 2000
© Reinhard F. Luszcz ( )
Architect(s) : Peter Bysted

The pavilion consisted of a trapezoidal main building made of wood and glass and 3 thematic pavilions: a hemisphere, a cube and a pyramid.

Walkways and a wooden bridge led from the main pavilion to the 3 secondary pavilions, all surrounded by water.

This water came from small waterfalls and was poured onto the grounds through wooden pipes.

In the central pavilion, the wooden pillars were reminiscent of the typical Danish beech forests.

Inside the main pavilion the presentations focused on energy, extraction, preparation and transport of water.

In the hemisphere, one was confronted with the incredible power of the wind.

In the cube, we were confronted with a glass house where water resources were used to the full.

In the pyramid, the quality of Danish food products was highlighted, with the theme of the agricultural economy.

Back in the main building, the exhibition "Man and Play" featured robots for the kitchen and children's rooms.

The focus was on imagination and creativity: playing and learning, arts and crafts, science and technological innovation.

There were also sculptures by the famous Danish sculptor BjØrn NØgaard.