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Norway - Expo Hanover 2000

Norway at the Exhibition Expo Hanover 2000
© Frank Boller ( )
Architect(s) : Marianne Heske

A noisy fifteen-metre high waterfall is a reproduction of the famous Steindalsfolssen waterfall in the Hardanger Fjord.

The waterfall's flow rate is 1.5 million litres of water per hour.

The sound of the waterfall serves as a gateway to the silent room.

The artist enlarged a part of the Norwegian desert 2.25 million times and transferred the image onto 720 aluminium plates.

The size of the image was 1350 m2 and covered all the walls, floor and ceiling of the room, which measured 15x15x15 metres.

In this room visitors sat on the floor and listened to sounds for a few minutes, then left the room to enter the idea room where challenges, explanations and answers were offered to the theme of this pavilion "Energy - Environment - Technology".

A post office, a restaurant, a shop and a tourist office were present in a wooden building next door.