Hanover World Exhibition 2000 - Expo 2000

Man - Nature - Technology

June 1, 2000 - October 31, 2000

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Czech Republic

Czech Republic at the Exhibition Expo Hanover 2000

© Philippe Lemaire

Architect(s) : Marek Chalupa

The pavilion received visitors in a dark and silent room and then small circles of light appeared, as music sounded and the smell of incense filled the space.

A copy of the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Karlstein Castle near Prague and a copy of the crown of Charles IV appeared. The chapel, the treasure room of royal emblems in the 14th century, is a symbol of the rich cultural heritage of the Czech Republic.

A huge clock at the entrance of the building swings like a dynamic link between the eras.

In the pavilion, the Czechs contrasted the contemplative and sublime character of the old chapel with the tumult of the modern world and the natural disasters and progress of the present.

The main themes of the pavilion were communication, education, environment and development.

After the Expo, the pavilion was to be dismantled and used as a gallery.