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Holy See - Expo Hanover 2000

Holy See at the Exhibition Expo Hanover 2000
© Philippe Lemaire

At Expo 2000, the Holy See pavilion was circular and surrounded by trees, inviting the visitor to share information and opinions, but also to find a place of peace and reflection.

The overall theme was "global justice", peace and wish, pain and fear, felt by people today, especially poverty.

By using images of people from all over the world, the Vatican wanted to raise awareness of the problems and perspectives.

It featured photos and texts by Pope John Paul II on the themes of "peace and justice", "women", "children", "the family" as well as "those who suffer".

The Vatican art collection provided an eye-catcher in each of these themes.

After Expo 2000, the Vatican pavilion was to be rebuilt in Liejapa where it is to serve as a community centre.

The highlight of the exhibition is the "Mandylion" from the Vatican Chapel Redemptoris mater. This 6th century canvas painting is considered to be the oldest surviving icon.