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France - Expo Hanover 2000

France at the Exhibition Expo Hanover 2000
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The largest pavilion at Expo 2000 (floor area).

Walking Man is the title of the 1888 photograph which is a large-scale reproduction on one side of the building depicting at regular intervals the gait of a man as he walks.

With this reminder of the beginnings of "moving pictures". The French pavilion invites visitors to discover their country.

The motto of the pavilion is "transport, mobility, movement". In the night room, for example "Laboratoire de France", there are scenographic performances, in the day room, "Carrefour de France", the theme is handicrafts and technology.

The "cap production" team used the latest film techniques to take the visitor on a journey into orbit or into the depths of the earth.

Travel through the French streets and culinary specialties and enjoy seeing the latest haute couture creations.

France has created a permanent pavilion in the shape of a cube.

The architects took care to use natural materials and natural
and natural air conditioning.

The building is illuminated by outside light and is made of painted glass representing trees, which gives the feeling of walking in the forest. In addition, to better represent France, vines
have been planted outside.

After the Expo, the pavilion will be a large sales area for sporting goods.