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Ireland at the Exhibition Expo Hanover 2000
© Frank Boller ( )
Architect(s) : Murray a looire et Oma Hanly

The pavilion was inspired by the Irish landscape and expresses the legendary creativity of the people of Ireland.

Five chronologically arranged exhibition areas allowed visitors to experience a journey from the past to the future.

On entering the exhibition, visitors were drawn to the 'sensory wall' where they were surrounded by the magic of the Irish landscape and the sounds of traditional folk music.

Interactive displays allowed the visitor to consult the "Book of Kells", a famous manuscript.

The pavilion combines traditional and modern forms of construction and was enclosed by two large walls, one built of polished Kilkenny stone and the other of a variety of stones.

The designers took particular care to use natural resources sparingly.

The pavilion has an innovative energy regime that does not require mechanically generated energy.