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Iceland - Expo Hanover 2000

Iceland at the Exhibition Expo Hanover 2000
© Reinhard F. Luszcz ( )
Architect(s) : Arni Pall Johannsonn et Akzente

The pavilion was topped by an artificial geyser that spurted out intermittently.

The water then flowed down the walls of the cube that formed the building.

The walls were made of a semi-transparent membrane that let in bluish light and micro-droplets carried by the wind.

The entrance was marked by an artificial ice cube.

Inside, under a blue light, a steel ramp spiralled over a circular pool.

The staircase connected different levels of the exhibition to each other.

The visitor could look down into the pool, onto the surface of which a film about Iceland was projected, seeing the country through the eyes of a bird on a virtual journey.