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Argentina - Expo Aichi 2005

The theme of this pavilion was "the power of nature and nature in people".
Sharing the idea of global harmony, the Argentine Republic was present at Expo 2005, Aichi Japan, highlighting the "power of nature" presented through the Argentine people, and thus through its arts, gastronomy, sports, education and production.
Immensity is the essence of this country, presented in the pavilion by a film that communicated the ethnic and geographical diversity of Argentina. Here nature spoke through the sounds of the jungle and the waterfalls, in the colours of the crafts and the hills, in the city music and in the music of the festivals held in the northern provinces as well as in the shaking sound of a glacier collapse in the south of the country.
The Tango expresses the passion of the Argentinians, which is why this dance was presented in the pavilion with 11 daily shows from 11 am until 10 pm.
By visiting the pavilion, the visitor could know and understand the uniqueness of our country.