Expo 2005 World Exposition - Aichi 2005

Wisdom and nature

March 25, 2005 - September 25, 2005

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The theme of the Greek pavilion was "Man and Nature". In the pavilion, four zones were created, each symbolising the cosmic factors - soil, wind, water and fire. By seeing each zone and learning more about Greek nature and culture, you could see how the country had harmonised with nature since ancient times.
In each of the four "spaces" there was a kind of theatre with ornaments and sculptures. In the main area of the exhibition, the olive, a symbol of Greek life for thousands of years, was presented through graphics, words, articles and images.
Winds that sent Greek sailors around the world were presented and reproduced in the "wind" area.
In the area surrounded by water walls, visitors could remember how important and indispensable water is in the daily life of Greece and its history, and saw scenes of beautiful white beaches in Greece.