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The main theme of the Polish participation in EXPO 2005 was "seeing beauty" - i.e. beauty in many aspects, such as the beauty of nature, wise coexistence of civilisation and nature, art and creative freedom, and artistic works deeply inspired by nature.
The pavilion of Poland - a cultural state that gave birth to Frederic Chopin, a Polish composer known as the "piano poet" - gave visitors the current image of Poland, which, located in the centre of Europe, seeks the symbiotic coexistence of humanity and nature while unifying diverse cultures.
The exhibition was divided into three different areas. The first part included multimedia presentations about Poland and Chopin's work. At the same time, visitors were given a presentation of Poland's nature, culture and national traits. In addition, a real piano, made by the famous Polish piano manufacturer "Calisia", was visible in the pavilion. Moreover, there was a glass sculpture of a piano inspired by Chopin's music.
The second part showed blocks of salt transported from Poland. It reconstructed part of the oldest, largest and most famous salt mine in the world dating back to the 14th century. Access to the second part was via a lift. The third part had a shop, a restaurant and an information centre providing all kinds of information for tourists and businessmen.