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Romania - Expo Aichi 2005

The theme of the exhibition was "legacy for the future". The interior design concept was based on the idea of combining exhibition space with space for artistic performances. Elements of the traditional Japanese Noh theatre, side ramps and platforms, were combined with an amphitheatre, and suggested a natural hill. The Romanian pavilion was meant to offer the visitor calm, relaxation and regeneration after a long day.
Throughout the day, the pavilion presented visual presentations on a 12-metre wide screen about nature, traditions, history and environmentally friendly technologies, as well as artistic performances and demonstrations of traditional art.
A wooden water mill, 6 metres in diameter, was located on the right side of the pavilion in a pool. As visitors passed through the turnstiles, via traditional wooden mechanisms, the motion was transmitted to the wheel and water circulated in the pool, creating a small waterfall. Folk costumes were wrapped around the wall of the pavilion in a slow movement similar to the traditional Romanian dance "hora," giving the same impression.