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Netherlands - Expo Aichi 2005

The Netherlands, with its small size, has always explored wise ways for sustainable development. With a long history of intervening in nature and fighting floods to ensure a healthy quality of life, the Netherlands is well suited to using geographical circumstances to develop its economic potential.
More broadly, water plays an important role in the life of the Netherlands today. Therefore, the Netherlands has chosen the "Land of Water" as the central theme for EXPO 2005. The Dutch pavilion has an impressive exterior façade made of a Delft tile structure (with blue images on the white tiles) and colossal tulips hanging on each side of the pavilion. Delft tiles, typical of traditional Dutch crafts, are also present inside the pavilion. The surrounding walls are covered with blue "Delft" tiles presenting a typical Dutch view - a panorama of the Amsterdam facade style, which is the largest hand-painted oil painting in the world.
The atrium has a huge pond in the centre, which functions as a media support. Visitors are invited to gather around the pond to enjoy an audiovisual presentation about "Holland: Land of Water" for about seven minutes. This presentation will portray the importance of a balance between man and nature from the unique perspective of the Netherlands, which has constantly tackled the challenges on the border between land and water. As such, it sheds light on a quintessential balance between man and nature, and between land and water through the evolution of the Netherlands with water.