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Australia - Expo Aichi 2005

The theme of the Australian pavilion was "we must protect and preserve our environment for future generations". The pavilion invited visitors on a journey back in time, starting 65,000 years ago, when Aboriginal people lived in complete harmony with the land. The public exhibition was a three-part story:
Act One was a high-tech representation of an ancient baobab tree in the Australian desert showing the power of nature, its regenerative qualities and how nature and man coexisted in harmony.
Act Two was called the 'Data Forest' - a high-tech 'forest' of around 80 shaped plasma screens arranged like totem poles projected a dynamic and entertaining image of contemporary Australia through short audio-visual presentations.
In the third act, visitors met the star of the Australian pavilion, an 11-metre long platypus on a bank. The platypus was chosen because it existed 65,000 years ago and has remained largely unchanged since that time. It is a small, sensitive creature that requires a clean environment in order to survive. Thanks to the cleaning of our banks, its numbers continue to increase. The message here was one of caring for all our creatures by providing a healthy environment and sustainable development in the future.