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Cambodia - Expo Aichi 2005

Cambodia's participation in EXPO 2005 reflected its desire for a better understanding of its rich cultural heritage and economic development potential to people around the world. Another aim was to present close links between Cambodians and nature, such as its jungles and large lakes. To this end, visitors to the Cambodian pavilion could see a reproduction of Angkor Wat and traditional sculptures of the Angkor lions, and films that showed the culture of Cambodia. The Angkor lions reminded you of the prosperity of the Angkor period. Moreover, the miniature reproduction of Ta Phrom temple and the giant roots surrounding it gave visitors a strong impression of the power of nature.
The intricate traditional silk weaving was demonstrated throughout the six-month Expo period, with several art performances, including stone carving. Visitors were probably charmed by the techniques that were used to build and carve the temples of Angkor Wat 1,000 years ago.