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Bio Lung - Expo Aichi 2005

"Bio Lung" is a combination of two words - "Bio" meaning life and "Lung" which is necessary for us to live. Right in front of the Expo Plaza will rise the "Bio Lung", a vertical wall filled with flowers and plants. With a height of 4.5 to 15 metres, a length of 150 metres and a surface area of 3,500 m2, it is clearly highlighted by the mist and light of the night show. More than 200 types of plants and flowers are planted in this large wall and for a total of over 200,000 pots. It must be the largest green wall in the world.

"Lung Bio" was made in order to improve the environment of the busy areas of the city, where huge amount of CO2 is emitted and causes serious problems like the global warming phenomenon or heat island phenomenon. Because we have developed our land without thinking about keeping nature, now we are facing many natural disasters caused by the increase of global temperature - the result of the lack of consideration for our planet. Now we have to think how we can solve this problem and regain the balanced environment that was used to be here in our land of years.
Nowadays, there are few flat lands left to grow plants. Lung Bio was born to give an idea to introduce plants in areas with very dense buildings where there is more nature. Because the soil base is fixed vertically and the plants are planted there, we were able to make the most of the building area and build "wall plant structures" such as soundproof walls along roads or fences around schools, in urban organic features. As a result, it must be ensured that there will be some decrease in temperature which will be one of our contributions to mitigate environmental problems.

Construction of the Bio Lung System
The construction of the Bio Lung System is built on reusable steel reinforced structures. Various types of 1350mm multi-purpose green panel modules can be attached to these 1500mm mesh base structures. This type of freestanding structure is designed to be able to function in any type of urban environment, and incorporates a rear access, which can be used for maintenance. The Bio Lung Tower in the centre is 25 metres high and is the emblem of EXPO 2005 Aichi, symbolising the wisdom of nature and the meaning of the Japanese characters (? ai) Love and (? Chikyuu) Earth.

Bio Lung" designs
The design of the "Bio Lung" green screen connects the many natural features of Japan, from gardens in rural villages and in the mountains. While the display shows as many varieties of Japanese plants as possible. The exhibition was made to give visitors a feeling that "Japan's beautiful landscapes coexist with the natural world".

Fog fountains and lightning systems
Bio Lung has introduced a series of technical innovations that can be used to build more attractive urban landscapes, while at the same time relieving pressure on the environment. Some examples of these technical innovations are automatic sprinkler systems, water activation systems and mist fountains, while using recycled water, as well as LED lighting systems that consume less energy and are not harmful to plants.

Bio lung experiment
All kinds of measuring equipment, such as thermometers and hygrometers, have been set up to continuously analyse the Bio Lung. The data collected is constantly displayed on the screen that is attached to the Bio Lung pavilion. After the Expo closes, all the data will be discussed at the committee meeting and used for the promotion of green wall in many cities and places.