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The Chubu: living in symbiosis for the next thousand years - Expo Aichi 2005

The Chubu: living in symbiosis for the next thousand years at the Exhibition Expo Aichi 2005

A 1,000-year adventure, the discovery and creation of Chubu.

Let's think together about a society that will last 1,000 years!
This is the theme of the Chubu Region's Sustainable Village for a Millennium.

The resources of the earth are depleted if they are used up over and over again. But there are resources on our planet that can be recycled for a thousand years. These are the living resources, i.e. the plants, animals and insects that live around us.
In Chubu's millennium sustainable village, the goal will be to build an eco-community, taking on the challenge of continuously creating objects using the region's living resources, in order to create an abundant society for the generations of children who will follow one another over the next 1,000 years and who will no longer be able to depend on fossil resources such as oil.

The exterior of the pavilion
Various types of traditional Japanese washi paper, a speciality of the Chubu region, and the golden cocoon made by the Indonesian bombyx are used for the exterior of the building.
At night, the pavilion is surrounded by the soft light produced by indoor lighting.

The exhibition
Visitors pass under a fantastic dome made of water to reach the main area of the pavilion, the 1,000 Year Academy Arena. An exhibition of products with a lifespan of a thousand years, taking advantage of the specialities of the 9 counties making up the Chubu region and showing the infinite possibilities and attractions of 4 recyclable forces: the force of plants, the force of insects, the force of animals and the force of microbes, added to the force of the human being.

The Workshops
An area of encounter with people who have long-standing know-how and wisdom in the 9 departments of Chubu, through seminars on living resources or in practical experience classes.

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