Expo 2005 World Exposition - Aichi 2005

Wisdom and nature

March 25, 2005 - September 25, 2005

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Wonder Circus - Electric Power Pavilion

The Power of Imagination - Imagination is the energy needed to create an abundant future -

Exterior design of the building
Children's drawing pavilion
The exterior walls of the electricity pavilion will be decorated with a selection of children's drawings depicting people and their kindness to nature. This entire pavilion will convey to the world the exchange with many children, creators of the future, and the power of their imagination.

Presentation of the exhibition
The wonderful world of Earth, People and Dreams
On board a small electric train full of dreams, visitors travel through 8 settings representing the "Wonderful World of Earth, People and Dreams", such as "Science and Technology", "Coexistence with Nature" or "The Human Heart".

Content of the exhibition

Waiting area
Esplanade of the water circus
The area in front of the Electricity Pavilion (approx. 1,500 m2) will be set up on the theme of "Flowers, Water, Wind and Sun" and will welcome visitors with the greatest kindness.

Departure area
The departure station of the journey
The departure for this impressive entertainment in a small train full of dreams takes place in a retro-style double-decker station.

Science and Technology Zone
1. the giant kaleidoscope tunnel
The train passes through a huge kaleidoscope and enters the uncharted world of light and colour creation.
The Milky Way station]
A large esplanade filled with mystery where one can experience the beauty of the Earth and the infinite possibilities of space.
The station in the sky]
The train leaves the pavilion in the air and shows the exhibition site from a height of 15 metres.

Zone of coexistence with nature
4. the coral station
The fantastic world of the sea, with its wonderful corals.
5. the owl station
In the darkness, a discovery, through the ears, of the world of animals living in the forest and of nature.
6. the four seasons station
The four seasons of satoyama follow one another in all their richness and beauty, like a breath of the forest.

Heart of Man Zone
7 The Festival Station
A concentration of the immense energy deployed during the various festivals in Japan.
8 A smile of emotion for the world of tomorrow
The epilogue of this journey where we meet the smile of the travellers themselves.

Arrival area
Farewell to the journey]
The staff of the Electricity Pavilion come to welcome the visitors with a smile.

Many exchanges will take place through the children's drawings.

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