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JAMA Wonder Wheel Pavilion - Expo Aichi 2005

The message of the JAMA Wonder Wheel Pavilion, whose members are automobile manufacturers, is about the new challenges of creating an abundant future where people, vehicles and nature co-exist in harmony.

It is a pavilion that attracts the eye with its slim and dynamic design. A bright red structure diagonally covers half of a giant Ferris wheel 47 metres in diameter.

The theme of the pavilion is "People, cars and the planet in the perspective of the future". It consists of three exhibition areas: "From the present to the past", "From the past to the present" and "From the past and present to the future".

To prepare visitors for their journey, they will first see a pre-show in the departure hall. Sequences that trace the history of motorisation and travel back in time from the present prepare them for the experience that follows.

Visitors will then climb into the Ferris wheel cabins to see the main show. As the cabin rises, six scenes from the past to the future will unfold before their eyes. Through the window of their cabin, visitors will discover the history of people, cars and travel. Famous paintings from all over the world, including the Namban Byobu screen from Japan, collages etc. will create a world full of surprises and joy, a world in motion full of dreams and mysteries.

Once the cabin is removed from the structure, a bird's eye view of the EXPO 2005 site will be displayed before the eyes of the visitors. At its highest point, the cabin is 50 metres above the ground and then returns inside for the epilogue of the journey.

Each of the 30 cabins on the Wonder Wheel will accommodate a maximum of four people. The show and tour last approximately eight minutes. The tour in the Wonder Wheel will be free of charge.

An after-show will welcome visitors as they get off the Ferris wheel. Models of "dream cars" designed by automotive design students will be on display, as well as videos and billboards conveying JAMA's message about safety and the environment.

Get ready to see the Expo site from the air and travel back in time for eight minutes on a Ferris wheel that will showcase vehicles from the past, present and future.

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