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Mitsubishi Pavilion @Earth - Expo Aichi 2005

Discover the world's first IFX cinema with spectacular infinite special effects! And a robot companion will be there to welcome you.
Theme: The mystery of our life on earth - A look at this miracle (Safeguarding the earth's environment from a space perspective)

This pavilion is a cinema that aims to stimulate interest in the mysteries of nature by presenting in pictures, based on the work of the American astronomer Neil F. Comins "What if the moon did not exist?", what the Earth would have become if the moon did not exist, a very real possibility.

Visitors will be able to understand that the earth was created by the miraculous balance of its relationship with the moon, and truly feel the importance of environmental protection while being entertained.

A unique design for this pavilion
The pavilion's appearance is based on the image of a wall that spirals endlessly, and the outer walls will be built with rocks, plastic bottles and plants to take the environment into account.
The world's first IFX cinema with spectacular infinite special effects * (Patent pending)

The main auditorium is transformed into an IFX auditorium and shows the infinite possibilities of mixing images, mirrors and sound. Films will be shown that take full advantage of IFX computer graphics and special effects.
* The term "IFX" is made up of the "I" for Infinity and Imagination, and FX, which is an abbreviation of the word "effect".

IFX cinema room
Welcome by the robot Wakamaru
In the pavilion, visitors will be greeted by the robot Wakamaru who will lead them to the world "If the moon did not exist".

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