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The mountain of dreams - Expo Aichi 2005

The culture of the 20th century has been man-centred and has been content to relentlessly pursue efficiency in life. As a result, the earth's environment has been largely destroyed. In the 21st century, humanity's great mission will be to solve this problem and restore our wonderful planet, a theme that will have to be taken up worldwide.

Based on this concept, the joint pavilion will consist of a thematic area (joint exhibition by 4 companies) created in the same space and an original area (individual exhibition by 3 companies), both concretely exhibiting the "strength of the 21st century". These presentations will be based on the concept of the 3 "E's", Wonder, Enchantment and Experience.

The theme area will be designed by internationally renowned cartoon director Mamoru OSHII, with a 3D show using the world's largest ground images to create a space unprecedented in the history of International Expos. There, visitors, while experiencing the wonders of nature and the planet's environment, will be able to truly rethink the Renaissance of the Earth.

In the original zone, thanks to the state-of-the-art technology of the three exhibiting companies, the splendour of nature, science and technology, the joy of creation and the importance of human relationships will be presented.

7 exhibiting companies
Brother Industries Ltd, NGK INSULATORS LTD. Sekisui House Corporate, Shachihata Inc. (in alphabetical order)
Chubu Nippon Broadcasting Communication, Tokai Television Broadcasting Co, Ltd, Chunichi Shimbun Daily
(The head office of Sekisui House Corporate is located in Osaka, all other head offices are in Nagoya)

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